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Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
RWH Nausea Fact Sheet

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Prenatal Testing
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Medicines and Pregnancy
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Gestational Diabetes
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Settling your baby
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Australian Breastfeeding Association
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Rebecca Glover – Breastfeeding without pain

Australian Lactation Consultants Association
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Coughs & colds in pregnancy

While most upper respiratory tract infections are viral and self limiting they can make life pretty miserable for you, especially if they disturb sleep. Many pharmacists will unfortunately tell you there is nothing available but there are some safe options. Rhinocort nasal spray is fine, as are most over the counter cough lozenges. Polaramine is an anti-histamine which you can use at night as a decongestant , but be careful as it can be quite sedating. Codeine Phosphate can help with a dry cough. The most important meds to avoid are those containing pseudo-ephedrine, found in most ‘cold & flu’ tabs. Regular paracetomol, honey & lemon drinks & good old-fashioned 'Vicks Vapo-rub' can also be used to help with symptoms.